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We have over 10 years of repair and service in the air conditioning, home appliance, electronic devices field. Over the years, we’ve picked calls from lots of people related to their default systems which never worked properly. They’ve spent a small fortune on them to get better output. Now a lot of these issues are resolved but for the simple fact that there are quite good trained mechanics in this field are available who don’t know any better. Based on percentages, the most common problems seem to be that equipment is not properly maintained or equipment is very dirty. Unless you realize or you care enough about your customers’ satisfaction, the customer will never have what they never had but RAF Care keeps guranty to care about your presonal home appliances, Air Conditioning , home theater, Geyser, Refrigerator etc. which are your daily usable and necessary electronic items.

Someone has to care. At Air Repair, We do! There is nothing quite like a customer whom turns into family over the course of time being happy.

We will breakdown your issues and methodically solve them so your system doesn’t become like another employee that you have to pay each week.

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If there is any issue witm your electronic item or appliance then reach us ASAP to fix your bug.